Men’s Health Home Workout Bible Review

June 19, 2012

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Just because you can’t afford a personal trainer or tons of fitness equipment does not mean that you can’t burn fat, build muscle, and have the body you want. mens-health-home-workout-bibleMen’s Health Home Workout Bible can teach you how to get in great shape by working out at home with whatever equipment you have.  With this book, there’s no more excuses as to why you can’t meet your fitness goals.

A gym membership can be expensive.  Many people also find it difficult to find time to go to the gym and exercise.  On the other hand, fitness equipment such as multi-station home gyms, barbells, and dumbbells can also cost a lot of money. Some guys may feel intimidated because they have no idea how to design a training program.

The Men’s Health Home Workout Bible will get you started on an effective weight-training program at home.  You’ll find out what equipment you need to buy in order to meet your fitness goal without breaking the bank.  You’ll also learn what exercises to perform to gain strength, burn fat, and build bigger muscles.

What’s Inside

This book will turn your home into a fitness center. At the same time, you will also learn all there is to know about weight training.  You’ll find out that there’s not much difference between working out at home and going to a gym.

Here’s what the Men’s Health Home Workout Bible will teach you to get your body in shape:

  • Expert information on the different muscle groups
  • How to buy the equipment you need without going broke
  • The correct way to lift weights
  • Hundreds of exercise routines to whip your body into shape

 The Home Workout Bible includes over 200 pages of exercises to give your body a full workout.  They come with photos and illustrations to show you exactly how they should be performed in order to achieve the best results.

You’ll find four full-body workout plans to develop your muscles:

  • The Body Weight Plan
  • The Dumbbell Plan
  • The Barbell Plan
  • The Multistation-Machine Plan

The book also provides advice and recommendations for buying weights, benches, fitness machines, and exercise videos.

Working Out with Little or No Equipment

Are you concerned because you have very little or no equipment to work with at home?  Don’t despair.  The Men’s Health Home Workout Bible provides 4-week workouts to develop your muscles using only your body weight.  If you have them, you can also perform workouts using dumbbells, barbells and cables.

All-Equipment and Multistation Workouts

If your home fitness center is blessed with fitness machines and multi-station home gym apparatus, the Men’s Health Home Workout Bible also provides exercises suitable for the equipment you have.  The book comes with a 4-week workout program that you can do at home on a multi-station machine. The workouts include custom training plans for strength, fat loss, sports performance, and aerobic fitness.

Exercises for Beginners and Experts

The Men’s Health Home Workout Bible includes exercises suitable for all levels of weight lifters, from novice to intermediate to advanced.  The exercises are listed under the appropriate skill category so it’s easy for you to pick suitable workout routines.  You can also mix and match for a fun yet challenging lifting routine.

There are chapters that focus on different types of equipment, or even no equipment at all.  Some exercises use dumbbells while others use barbells, cables, or full multi-station home gym machines.

You’ll learn creative ways to perform strength-training exercises, such as using milk jugs for weight resistance.


  • Helps you create a home gym suitable for your budget and fitness goals
  • Provides a customized workout
  • Comes with hundreds of exercises
  •  Shows you the proper technique for doing the exercises


  • Workouts are tailored for men
  • Limited cardio exercises
  • Does not provide nutrition or diet plans

What Customers Are Saying

If you are someone looking for a book on exercises that you can perform at home with minimal equipment, this is the book for you. The majority of customers who reviewed the Men’s Health Home Workout Bible say it is full of useful information for men who want to improve their physique by working out at home.  Although some of the exercises use fitness machines such as a fully-equipped multi-station home gym, there are many exercises in the book that use only dumbbells, barbells, cables, or no equipment at all.

The book is ideal for beginners because it provides a thorough explanation of everything you need to know about strength training, building muscles, and burning excess fat.  You’ll learn the correct techniques for performing the different exercise routines.  Even expert weight lifters can learn something new from the book.

On the negative side, a few customers noted that the book focuses primarily on developing bigger muscles.  There are very few exercises on cardio training.  Customers also reported that there is no discussion on nutrition and diet.

Basically, the Men’s Health Home Workout Bible is limited to resistance exercises.  But it does provide a lot of useful information and is a great addition to a fitness library. 

You can purchase this book from the Amazon website.  The paperback edition costs only $15.63.

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